We offer a range of dog grooming services at Amikaya but below is a list of all things you can expect in a groom

Health check. 

Bathed using specially selected shampoo suited to your dog's coat type and receive a massage and our special  blueberry and oatmeal muzzle scrub. Coat conditioner will be applied and we offer a range of coat treatments too.


Cut , Clipped or stripped depending on your dog's coat type and needs.

Styling will be your choice. Your dog can either be groomed to breed standard style or clipped or scissored into a style your happy with.


Nails will be trimmed and your dog will have their sanitary area trimmed and hair removed from in between the paw pads.


Ears will be cleaned and we can pluck too if required and you have a letter from vet.


Glands can be emptied on request. 

We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

City & Guilds trained and passionate about grooming, A well groomed pet is a happy pet contact us today to see how we can help your four legged friend.

Grooming Service 

Click here for grooming.

Grooming Advice 

Click here to find info on grooming advice. Why should you get your dog groomed and how to choose the right brush. 

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